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In order for you to access your membership, you will need to set up a Login Name and Password. 

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Please enter the contact information you prefer to be reached at, and indicate if it is home or work. You may enter additional contact information, including additonal emails or a mobile phone in the next section. The contact information in this section will be used for reaching you.City Club primarily contacts members using email.

If you have questions, please contact the City Club office. 


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Annual Membership Dues

If you would like to join as a Student Member, please contact the City Club office for registration at 208-364-4614. Please be ready to provide the necessary School information.

The Member Directory is available to only City Club Members for viewing. If you would like to be excluded from the Membership Directory, as you are viewing the directory (while logged in) select: "Update my profile listed on the membership directory." Then on the next page they would select "No" for "Would you like to display your contact information on the membership directory?".